bridle hook XXL becomes bridle hook 3XL because even more fits

20mm more depth for more storage…

Our bridle hook XXL now gets even more space.
With this extension it becomes the bridle hook 3XL.


We announce the availability of the expansion on our website. If you are already interested, please contact us and we will keep you informed about the delivery date.

Attractive, practical and even bigger

3XL right – we listened to our customers and helped the bridle holder with this customers and came up with a solution with even more depth and space. The extension is attached together with the XXL and fixed firmly. The extension is also made of cast steel with our special coating that makes it a high quality product.

What experience have you had?


mounting kit bridle hook wooden wall

suitable from a wall thickness of 3.5cm

set consists of:
2x wood screw DIN 571 6×40mm V2A
2x washers V2A

price: 0,34 € incl. tax

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mounting kit bridle hook brick wall

set consists of:
2x wood screw DIN 571 6×80mm V2A
2x washers V2A
2x dowels 8er

price: 0,53 € incl. tax

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