head collar rack elastic and good

More safety for your stable lane

Reduces the risk of injury in the stable lane. The anti-slip surface of the holder keeps the halter safe and always at hand.
When it comes down to it, it simply gives way!

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Everyone wants to have a halter within reach, it is just convenient.
Well-known halter holders are rigid, made of plastic or sheet metal. They can become a potential source of danger in stable alleys if they are bent or even break.

This halter holder is made of a high-quality elastomer, it is UV-stable as well as weather and temperature resistant. If a horse gets stuck in the halter, our halter holder simply gives way, which considerably reduces the risk of injury. Even if it is soiled by stall dust, the surface is slip-resistant and prevents the horse from falling down.

Included in delivery is the manufacturer's label and matching wood screws. You will find the appropriate bit insert for the assembly in the assembly accessories.

What have customers told us...

Cornelia E.
Ideal and long something like this for our narrow stable alley searched and now finally found, thank you.

Barbara S.
We were sceptical at first, but were quickly convinced of the functionality. The holster whether leather or belt it holds on the rubber simply super…

Nicolai C.
simply good

tool for head collar rack

1/4" bit insert TX25

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