Lickstone holder with quick-release connection optimal for horse farms

Unique functionality

due to the rotating stone tray optimal wear of the stone, protection of the box walls because liquids do not reach the walls….

Optional quick-release connection available.

Ideal for quick assembly and disassembly in the box.

The video shows the easy and fast handling.
Link: Quick-release connection for lickstone holder

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licking stone holder
price: 32,05 € incl. tax

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Functional and clean

The mineral or salt lickstone is placed on the rotating green holder of the lickstone holder and is pushed and turned by the horse. This way all sides of the stone are used and it stays clean when used regularly. Due to the open construction, liquids do not run down the box wall, but drip directly into the box.

What do our customers...

Christian C.
A clean thing, we have the licking stone holder as the company paddo has pointed out in a corner of the box attached and are very happy

Ursula T.
Simply good, the stone remains clean for a long time, but is licked differently, depending on the needs of the animals…

Sabine W.
We first tested 2 horses and then retrofitted all boxes…

Please read it!

Always place the licking stone holder in a corner of the horse stall!
Never attach the holder to a box wall standing alone.
The holder is designed in such a way that square lickstones can also be picked up, even if the holder is mounted in the corner of the stall.

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Fast, safe & easy

The quick-release connection can be attached to and removed from the box without tools.


They are stable owners and changing stallers have their needs and wishes.
Your new stable owner would like to install a licking stone, then you have already provided the boxes with this quick-release connection and can quickly make the holder available. The staler can purchase this directly from you and should he leave the stable one day, he can take it with him and use it further.

Or, a restless horse turns the box to the left, then quickly remove the owner.

Or, the box walls can be folded down or pulled out in their stable so that they can muck mechanically, a protruding licking stone holder could disturb.

Quick-release connection for lickstone holder

price: 13,35 € incl. tax

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mountig kit licking stone holder brick wall

set consists of:
4x wood screw DIN 571 8×70mm V2A
4x washers V2A

price: 0,85 € incl. tax

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mounting kit licking stone holder wooden wall

suitable from a wall thickness of 3.5cm

set consists of:
4x wood screw DIN 571 8×35mm V2A
4x washers V2A

price: 0,60 € incl. tax

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